I’m Hati, founder of The Dahlia Wood.

I fell in love with growing flowers in 2015. I had a tiny balcony garden in my London flat, where everything flourished and I grew all sorts of wonders in my tiny space. I got completely hooked on the joy of growing. It’s fair to say things have progressed. In 2022 I established The Dahlia Wood in order to provide locally grown, cut flowers for floral displays and bouquets. Since then we’ve created wedding flowers, farewell tributes, gift bouquets, and jam jar posies, and run our first workshop, with more to come! The flower field is now over an acre, with space to expand further in the future. I am at my happiest hanging out with our flowers. Growing flowers to sell is not for the faint hearted but it is absolutely worth every worry line and grey hair!


Here are the values that The Dahlia Wood live and breathe by.


One of our core beliefs at The Dahlia Wood is that beautiful flowers can be grown in harmony with our natural environment. We use sustainable growing practices which really means that we don’t use chemical fertilisers, pesticides or anything that is understood to be harmful to our environment. We use only homemade or peat free compost to feed our soil. We minimise single use plastic as much as we can, with our aim to eliminate it completely. We reuse whatever we can.

Flowers are seasonal and our core season is between April & October. Our climate can be extremely wet and that means that some plants just won’t thrive. We try to work with our conditions, not against them which means we are trialing and selecting the best plants to grow here to cut for flowers and deliver to our customers.

We run our own compost heaps to make mulch to feed the soil, turning waste fruit, vegetables, coffee grounds, cut grass and flower deadheads into something useful again. We only send our flowers in home compostable packaging. We want our flowers to reach their destination looking wonderful but we also try to reduce the waste too.


“Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangement Hati! My friend will be as thrilled as I was when I saw them 🥰💐💐💐🌺” (Anna, Gift Bouquet)

“Mum just called me to say she got her flowers, delivered with a lovely smile. She loves them, Thank you The Dahlia Wood!” (Rebecca, Gift Bouquet)

“I am certain I will be buying again very soon. They’re lovely.” (Julie, Farm Gate Flowers)

“We are so lucky to have beautiful flowers grown on our doorstep. Thank you” (Katie, Gift Bouquet)

“The beautiful bouquet was fit for a bride! So artisically presented. Loved all the packaging, all recycleable” (Anon, Gift Bouquet)